Halibut H&G


Hippoglossus stenolepis


  • Available fresh or frozen
  • Sized 10 – 20 lb., 20 – 40 lb., 40 – 60 lb., 60 – 80 lb., 80 – 100 lb., 100 + lb. each
  • Long-line caught from Northern B.C. to Alaska
  • An Oceanwise choice
  • Flesh colour ranges from white to a light golden hue and is indicative of diet
  • Famous as fish and chips, as well as centre of the plate
  • Yields 4 fletches when filleted
  • Excellent for portioning, steaking or filleting

Handling & Storage

  • Keep product well iced and store in cooler between 1º to 4º C
  • Icing properly around fish and in belly cavity will extend shelf life of fish
  • Avoid leaving product sitting in ice melt. Re-ice daily.
  • Minimum shelf life is 7 days from delivery

Seasonal Availability

Yearly quota is shared between Canada, USA and Russia

Flavour/Texture Profile

  • Mild flavour
  • Firm texture

Cooking Tips

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