Consumer Demands Driving Change in the Food Industry

Let’s take a closer look at how David Henkes of Technomic, a consulting and research firm specializing in the food & beverage industry, observes how consumer demands will drive change in the food industry by examining key trends through 2020 ...
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What Will Drive Change in the Food Industry?

A food industry forecast commissioned by Emerson Climate Technologies and produced by David Henkes of Technomic, a consulting and research firm specializing in the food and beverage industry, has provided some interesting insights and intelligence into what will drive change ...
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How to Cut Down on Food Waste

According to, a cloud based, universal ordering platform for the foodservice industry, managing food waste equates to cost savings. Two areas of concern to address are: Pre-Consumption, which includes over ordering, overproduction, overcooked food, spillage, and expiration; and Post-Consumption, which includes ...
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Plate up Perfectly

Dale Berning Sawa writes a blog in the Food & Drink section of In July 2015, he wrote about why plating up perfectly leads to a more enjoyable meal. Here are some of the highlights of a very thought ...
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Who’s Eating What?

Rebecca Harris, in the June 16, 2016 issue of Food in Canada, looked at the eating habits and food demands of today’s generational cohorts. While millennials often get the most attention from marketers, a new consumer force is emerging - ...
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